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Being Regular:
Foreigners in a regular situation, that is to say, with all papers in order, possess a greater amount of recognised rights. For example, the right to be able to keep their papers, that no authorities may take their papers away from them, except for the same cases as those for Spaniards. Both foreigners and Spaniards have the obligation of showing these documents to any policemen who ask them to do so.
They also have the right to travel freely throughout the whole of the national territory, and to choose where to live inside Spain, except in the cases where they are involved in criminal proceeding or of extradition.
Another of legal immigrantsí rights is the right to a free basic and compulsory education, with access to the Spanish system of scholarships and aids, which means having the right to obtain the corresponding degree, as Spaniards are able to.
In relation to the laboral world, they also possess the recognised right to work (a rather utopian right), to access to Social Security and to send their income to their countries of origin. Social Security comprises right such as receiving a salary for retirement, disability, motherhood, widowhood or orphanage, medical assistance, etc.
Lastly, a very important right is that of family regrouping, that is to say, bringing to Spain some of your relatives (ascendants or descendants).
They also have the right to free judicial assistance and to an interpreter if they do not possess enough economical means.

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Being regular or irregular
 Last update: 02-Jul-2009
Being regular or irregular
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