Being regular or irregular (2/4)

Being Irregular:
Immigrants in an irregular situation, that is to say, those foreigners who enter in Spanish territory without having their papers in order, have more limited rights.
One of their rights they still have is the right to a free basic compulsory education (until the 18 years old). However, they not have the right to medical assistance.
Medical assistance consists in the provision of medical and pharmaceutical services necessary to preserve their beneficiaries health. To obtain this service, it is necessary to be registered at the city council of one’s city of residence, because, otherwise, this right reduces to urgent medical assistance, during illness or accident or until a doctor’s discharge.
All foreigners may register, even if they are not in Spain in a regular situation. Minors and pregnant women so keep the right to medical assistance even if they have not registered.
Lastly, irregular foreigners also have the right to free judicial assistance, that is to say, of a lawyer appointed by the court and of an interpreter if they do not possess sufficient economical means.
The new Foreign Law defines in a detailed manner these rights and limits some of them for foreigners in a regular situation.

Being regular or irregular
 Last update: 02-Jul-2009
Being regular or irregular
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