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Changing your residence to another country is always hard. That is why, it is useful to know the greater amount of details as possible about the country and the city which will be our place of residence, and daily life details above all.

The language
Castilian Spanish is the official language in all nation (in a 73%). There are also other languages equally official in the respective autonomous communities: such as, Catalán (in a 24%) is the official language of Cataluña and in Baleares; Valenciano (in a 3 %), in the Community of Valencia; Gallego, in Galicia, and Basque (in a 3%), in the Basque Country. Although not official, there are also in England other languages used by a minority of people. They are Bable or Asturiano, Leonés, Aragonés and Aranés. English and French are also spoken at big hotels and tourists’ areas.

Renting a flat
If you want to rent a flat, you should have a look at all housing sections in the local newspapers. You will also find useful the advertisements placed in some shops, like pubs or bakeries. University faculties’ boards are also useful in this sense and newspapers with ads by words too.
In the case that all these searches do not work, you should contact a real state agency. They will surely provide you with a solution, with an advanced payment of their established commission.

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Life in Spain
 Last update: 02-Jul-2009
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Life in Spain
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