Life in Spain (3/4)

The official currency is the Euro, since the past January’s incorporation of the euro in 2002. As regards the money you may enter in Spain, there is no limit, but you will have to make a statement fro the amount you carrying, be it in cash or jewellery, is between 6.000 and 30.000 euros. The same happens at the time of taking money out of Spain. For amounts over the six thousand euros and that do not surpass the thirty thousand euros all you need to do is make a statement at the Customs Office, by means of complying with the form called B1. Lastly, if the amount exceeds the 30.000 Euros, you would an authorisation, by means of form B2, of the General Administration of International Economy and External Transactions.
However, if the transaction is performed by means of a bank transfer there is no limit to the transference of capital.

Opening an account in Spain
There is any problem to open an account in Spain. However, if you are not a resident, you will have to submit, apart from the documents proving your identity, a certificate of non-resident issued by a Police Station.
For the rest of the foreigners residents in Spain, there is no restriction regarding the opening of bank accounts. Remember, anyway, that most banks provides their customers with a card that allows them to obtain cash, 24 hours a day, in the automatic cashiers network spread all around the national territory.

Life in Spain
 Last update: 02-Jul-2009
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