New service: Once your degree has been validated, we collect the authorisation of the Ministry of Education and we send it to your home by means of urgent courier.

If you have a University degree and want it to be valid in Spain, you will have to validate it with the Spanish equivalent.

The validation of a higher education degree obtained or given abroad by Spanish authorities, involves the official validity of the document in Spain. Validation means complete equality of academic effects between the foreign and the Spanish degree.

University degrees, master degrees and doctorates can all be validated.

In Spain the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports grants or denies validation of foreign higher education degrees.

The process starts by submitting, on an official form, the documents and a petition. These documents can eventually be complemented with the applicant's academic or scientific curriculum as well as with the corresponding subjects programs. Such programs will have to show the contents of each subject, as well as to which extent they were studied. A further complement would consist of supplying the academic documentation showing that the student passed all the previous studies required to complete the degree.

Regarding validation procedures, once the petition with all the required documentation has been submitted, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, must submit the file to the University Board Academic Committee, which has up to three months to grant validation. Should there be an international agreement or treaty to which Spain belongs, the last step is unnecessary.

The resolution of a validation grant for foreign higher education degrees is legalized by means of a credential issued by the Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture, after the corresponding tax payment.

Sometimes full homologation requires passing complementary examinations.

All documents supplied must be legalized. The legalization process is different according to the country that issued the degree. It is also possible to homologate (convalidate) unfinished University studies (loose courses or examinations) if you wish to finish your studies in Spain, thus obtaining a Spanish degree.

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- ON-LINE ENQUIRIES (When you ask one of our lawyers who are specialists in foreign law) We inform you step by step of all necessary formalities to obtain a visa that may interest you, of all the documents you need to submit at your Consulate. This may show you new opportunities depending on your case. We may also write the documents you need to submit. See a sample case of our service

- INFORMATION SERVICE. We inform you of the progress of your file and of any law enforced which may concern your case (positively or negatively).

- CHECK-UP OF DOCUMENTS. Our company operates from Spain and the documents for the visa must be submitted at the Consulate. However, to make sure that you are submitting the right documents, you may send us a photocopy or fax of all the documents you are planning to submit at the consulate, to spare yourself problems in the future.

- LEGAL ASSISTANCE before the government (formalities for documents) and at the Courts. All our lawyers are members of a professional association and have many years of experience.

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