Returned Emigrants


The state will take special care of the economic and social safeguard of Spanish workers abroad, and will aim its politics to their return (Spanish Constitution article 42 - 1978)

Based on this article of the Spanish Constitution, the Spanish Government has encouraged protection policies for Spanish workers residing abroad as a consequence of emigration. Such policies are in the benefit not only of emigrants, but also of their children, and establish performance programs in the benefit of returned emigrants. THERE IS ALSO A RETURN GUIDE.


Aids aiming to social/labour integration, professional guidance and employment promotion.
Promotion aids: educational, cultural and social.

Formalities prior to return:

  • - Recovery of Spanish nationality
  • - The obtaining of documents proving labour activity
  • - Discount on return journeys
  • - Exemption regime to import furniture
  • - Cars
  • - Passport

Formalities after return:

  • - Identity Card
  • - Enrolment
  • - Validation of foreign driving license
  • - Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates
  • - Certificates of different surnames
  • - Bank accounts abroad
  • - Returned emigrant certificate
  • - Unemployment
  • - Medical Assistance
  • - Education

Special agreements with the Social Security:

  • Pensions
  • Other kinds of social protection
  • Education

Services and Formalities at

- ON-LINE ENQUIRIES (When you ask one of our lawyers who are specialists in foreign law) We inform you step by step of all necessary formalities to obtain a visa that may interest you, of all the documents you need to submit at your Consulate. This may show you new opportunities depending on your case. We may also write the documents you need to submit. See a sample case of our service

- INFORMATION SERVICE. We inform you of the progress of your file and of any law enforced which may concern your case (positively or negatively).

- CHECK-UP OF DOCUMENTS. Our company operates from Spain and the documents for the visa must be submitted at the Consulate. However, to make sure that you are submitting the right documents, you may send us a photocopy or fax of all the documents you are planning to submit at the consulate, to spare yourself problems in the future.

- LEGAL ASSISTANCE before the government (formalities for documents) and at the Courts. All our lawyers are members of a professional association and have many years of experience.

Returned Emigrants
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