Work permits in Spain for Workers from outside the E.C.M.

- Working for others (a company or a person)

UPDATED 11.2.2002 - Governed by a quota
Foreigners who are not citizens of the E.C.M. and want to undertake some kind of
lucrative activity, on their own or for others, have to apply both for a
Work; and a Residence permit.

The kind of permit to be applied for depends on the type of lucrative
activity which is going to be undertaken.

If the work is for others, the following permits must be applied for in the following order:

  • - Type B (initial): For a determined activity and geographic area .- Type B (updated): Permit allowing to carry out any activity in the
    whole country.
  • - Type C : Permit allowing to carry out any activity in the
    whole country.

If working for others on a temporary job basis, the following permits must be applied for:

  • - Type A: Issued for limited time jobs, such as building, industrial or electric plants, building of infrastructures, setting up of equipments,etc.
  • - Type T: Issued to carry out temporary or campaing activities
    or services. It can be limited to a defined activity and geographical area.

If, on the contrary, you want to set up your own business, or work on your own, the following work permits must be applied for:

  • - Type D: (initial) Issued to underake a specific activity in a determined area of the country.
  • - Type D (renewed) To undertake out any activity in the whole country.
  • - Type E: To undertake any activity in the whole country.
    Furthermore, there is a special regime for the following Work Permits.
  • - Type F: For people who live in border areas of neighbouring
    countries, to which they return every day, undertaking work or professional lucrative activities on their own or for others in neighbouring areas of the Spanish territory. Such people will be limited to their geographical area.
  • - Type G: This permit authorizes a lucrative activity should there be a change in the job's conditions and company on which he depends should this be a non-E.C.M. or does not belong to the European Economic area when:
    • - The change is on behalf of and directed by the company, to execute a contract between the company and the person established in Spain who receives the service.
    • - The change is to another job in the same company in Spain or to another company belonging to the same group.


The employer if the work activities are on behalf of others or if they are
performed in the State border areas (TypeG)
- The representative firm, if the firm is not in Spanish territory.
- The foreigner himself, if the job is on his own behalf, or in the case of a permit renewal.


In Spain: to the Register of the corresponding Government Office, to the Foreign Office, if the output of a work permit depends on them. They can also be submitted to the Register of any Administration Office if such office belongs to the State Administration as well as to any Administration of the Autonomous Communities or local Administration Offices if the latter have signed the necessary agreement. They can also be submitted to Post Offices. Abroad: before the Diplomatic or Consular Authorities in the foreigner's residence country

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Work permits in Spain for Workers from outside the E.C.M.
 Last update: 02-Jul-2009
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