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In general, the function of embassies and consulates of Spain in Iberoamerica, as regards the nationals of all countries of this continent, is to inform about matters related to the proceedings and to make the formalities for documents easier. Specific functions:

Notarial functions:
In those countries where the local legislation authorises it, consuls and diplomats exercising consular functions, may be in charge of exercising notary's public certifications.
Their competencies are the same as those of Spanish notaries and they may authenticate any type of public documents, signature authentication, granting legal certificates, certifying translations or issuing testimonies. These functions are specific to professional consuls.
The person granting a public deed or notarial record before a consul must go to the Consulate to personally sign these documents in the presence of the diplomat in notarial functions. The document may not be sent by mail. That is why, it is convenient that before going to the consular office to submit in writing to the consul his/her personal data, stating the kind of writing he/she wishes to be granted, and to make an appointment.
If the interested person is a foreigner, he/she must submit a document proving his/her identity, issued by the authorities of the country from which he/she is a national.

Your Rights
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