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Degree validation:

Spain's diplomatic or consular representation in each country has the obligation to send validation documents to the corresponding Spanish authority for them to be processed. Also, for all Latin-American countries, Spain's embassies and consulates in those countries have the obligation of performing an official translation into Spanish of the issued documents in a foreign language, although this official translation may be performed by other means (By means of the diplomatic or consular representation in Spain of the country of the applicant is a citizen or of the origin of the document, or by means of a sworn Translator, duly authorised or registered in Spain). Nevertheless, this is not done at consulates which do not possess a translation service. In these cases, the consulates limit themselves to corroborate the translation and gives faith of its faithfulness.

Lastly, all Consulate Offices of the Spanish Embassies in the country concerned have the obligation of informing the interested persons about the procedure of validation and the laws binding it.

Your Rights
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