Investor, business possibilities in Spain
Reasons to invest in Spain:

Economical Information/data
  • Growth of a 2% superior to that of the European Union.
  • Growth of employment (203.000 new job openings created in 2002).
  • Indirect taxes lower than the European average.
  • Elimination, in 2002, of taxes like the IAE and other direct taxes.
  • Income per capita close to an 87% of the European Union's average.
  • Monetary union, trade with Europe.
  • A free commerce frontier.
  • Credits and mortgages at very low prices.
Information on the quality of life
  • Average life expectancy of 74,6 years old for men and of 80,7 for women.
  • Good citizen safety.
  • A good public health system which includes retirement.
  • Great social and political stability.
Business Visa in Spain

The first thing that foreigners who wish to live in Spain and set up their own business have to do is to apply for a VISA ON ONE'S OWN BEHALF.

The advantage of this visa is that any person who complies with its requisites may obtain it, regardless of his/her nationality.

  • Economical means.
  • To present an appropriate company project.
  • To prove in different ways the truthfulness of the project.
  • To prove the viability of the project.
  Services for the investor
  • We take care of the formalities for all your documents.
  • We develop your project.
  • Company set-up.
  • Marketing.
  • Accountant, fiscal and laboral consultancy
  • Search for franchises, partners and subsidies.


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